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Cross cultural classes

Cross-cultural Schools

Pre-intermediate students

Created by Stella Rincon V.

Hey Guys!

Imagine you study at a high school in Houston, Texas. You belong to a class where 40% are immigrants of different part of the world. One day during a school cultural presentation, two students got into an argument. The argument started when one of the students made fun of the other student's cloth. He was wearing a traditional African suit. The students were taken to the Counselor's office and she told them that they must respect each other's culture and heritage.So she decided students to begin an investigation about cultures in the school and they have to share their findings in English class. Students have to look for information about African, Hispanic, and American Native cultures because those are the most common population at the south west part of the United states. So let's start.

In order to complete your work, you and your group will collect information about different aspects of each culture. To do this you will:

  1. Visit Internet sites about African, Hispanic and Native American cultures.
  2. Find samples of music, food, cloth, pictures of each culture.
  3. Visit the public library to gather books and resources about the cultures.
  4. Explore software such as Wikipedia, Encarta Encyclopedia, World Atlas to gather information.
  5. Compare and contrast elements of cultural similarities and differences between the three groups.
  6. Write daily reflection about your impressions, comments and questions about your culture.
The class will be divided into three groups, one that will investigate the Hispanic culture, other will investigate the African culture and the last one will investigate the Native American culture.
• Each culture group will divide into three groups of three to four students per group.
• Each of the three groups will choose two aspects of the culture to study.
• Design a mind map in order to organize your final presentation.
• Each group will create a Power Point presentation about the aspects that they are studying.
• Aspects of each culture to be researched will be:

Food and Clothes
Art and musicFamous
PeopleFolktales/LegendsGeographical Location

• All of the groups studying each culture will work together cooperatively to prepare a Fusion Cultural Show detailed in the task. • Each student will be keeping a daily reflection journal about the culture they are studying. .

Great Job! Now that have learned about students’ cultures who share the same classrooms in the United States, you will understand the importance to respect each other in your school no matter their religion, race or social condition.


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